QUARANTINE: THE GIANT Signed Advance Reader Copy Giveaway

Want a chance to read QUARANTINE: THE GIANT before its publication date? We're giving away one signed ARC version of the new book. Fill out the submission form below before midnight July 4th for a chance to win.

To be fair, we're only accepting one entry per person, but here's an idea -- get all your friends to enter too and if one of you wins, you'll all have two months to pass it around and gloat that you know more about QUARANTINE than anyone else.

The winner will be chosen at random. Good luck!

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So many Quarantine videos...

A couple months ago, the amazing STEM Outreach team at Northern Illinois University invited us to DeKalb, IL to participate in QUARANTINE: THE FIELD TRIP. We were honored that our books were chosen to be the inspiration for a day full of live-action gaming with 200 students from the Chicago area, but we had no idea of just how awesome it would end up being. Check out what happened:

To watch more videos from that day, check out the PRESS section of our site. STEM continued the awesomeness that night by screening a horror movie at the local Egyptian Theater that we chose. If you're looking for some scares, check out our movie recommendations from that night:

For more of our horror recs, check out this list, or who or we kidding, just read the rest of our blog for years worth of #31HorrorFilms31Days hits and misses.

To round out our video blow-out, here's one of the best fan trailers we've seen for Quarantine so far (keep making 'em, we love 'em!):