originally posted March 25, 2012

After months in a writing haze, we have finally emerged. The first draft of Book 2 is done. The sane thing to do after handing in a book would be to use that down time to rest and reflect until we receive notes on the draft from our editor. That would be the sane thing to do. We've opted to dive right into a new project only a few days later. 

What's the project? At the moment, we have to keep it under wraps, but soon, very soon, we'll shed some light on what it is. It's an incredible opportunity and something that takes us back to our writing roots.


Lex and Superman have never been so close.

Just because we got right back to work doesn't mean we haven't had any fun. We went down to Anaheim to check out WonderCon 2012. It was our first con, and it lived up to the hype. There was a lot of spandex, a lot of fake blood, a Joe Hill sighting, and a squadron of fully automated R2D2s. We hung out with Kami Garcia and Ransom Riggs at the Mysterious Galaxy booth and got a little taste of what it's like to interact with readers of your book. Exciting stuff.

Tom shrugs it out with Bane

Speaking of book events, our publisher, Egmont gave us the official publication date for The Loners (Quarantine #1). Look for it everywhere on July 10th of this year. And guess what's only two days later.... 


It's on, San Diego!