originally posted July 2, 2012

Writing a book is no small endeavor. The process is its own epic journey. You try to map out as much as you can about the story and the characters before you start, but really there's only so much you can know. It's only in the doing that certain details (and *sigh* huge, pivotal elements) reveal themselves. And often they reveal themselves at their convenience, forcing you to go back and rewrite large blocks of story that you had hoped were set in stone. Hence, the need for multiple drafts.

It's grueling; it's frustrating; but it's also euphoric and immensely satisfying when it goes right. We're in the midst of that process now as we hammer out Book Two of the Quarantine series. With just over a week to go until Book One is available for purchase, I thought it would be interesting to share a little time capsule with you, made when we were writing Book One. 

During Book One our deadlines were tight, and so our writing was fast and furious. But the only way to keep a solid pace is to know when to break. Like a marathon runner needs to re-fuel their body, a writer with a deadline needs to stimulate their mind. Throughout the writing of Book One, we were drawing strength and inspiration from every possible source: music, art, film, books, fellow writers' advice, real life... anywhere we could get it. We compiled some of these things onto tumblr as we wrote.

As we get deeper into Book Two, we'll try to post more random stuff there. But for now, you can get a glimpse of our headspace when we were locked down in a quarantine of own.

-- Lex