originally posted November 1, 2012

Daniel Kraus convinced us to try and watch 31 horror movies in 31 days across the month of October, and tweet something about each movie after we finished. Neither of us made it to 31, our Book Two deadline got in the way, but it was fun to try. My favorites that I watched were Santa Sangre, Demons, and Outcast.

We'll hang our heads in shame until next year when we can try for the full 31 again. Here's the list of what we watched, the tweets we posted about them, and a few pics.




1. THE KEEP - Nazis face a Romanian citadel full of evil wind, glowing eyes, and a tedious pace. Plus Tangerine Dream

2. THE SENTINEL- A 70's model gets an apartment thats also the entrance to hell. The finale uses real life freaks!

3.FASCINATION-A bandit in 1916 hides in a castle with weird lesbians who seduce you to death. French erotic horror

4. LINK- Friendly monkey horror. An orangutan in a three piece suit gets a deadly crush on Elisabeth Shue

5. DEMONS- An evil movie theatre turns the audience into bloodthirsty monsters. Kicked ass.

6. DON'T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK- Sad little girl deals with gremlins in a nice old house. Be better with Don Knotts.

7. HENRY: PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER. Ugh, I need to take three showers. Rooker's great.

8-FRANKENHOOKER- Guy assembles a new body for his dead fiancé with hooker parts. Not good. 

9. DUMPLINGS- Just what will an aging actress eat to look young again? The secret ingredient is sickening.

10. SANTA SANGRE - This movie is WEIRD. An intense Mexican carny hallucination with epic mommy issues. Mind melted

11. THE INNKEEPERS - Haunted hotel. Nice look. Nice vibe, tons of suspense and almost no payoff

12. THE CORRIDOR - Old buddies find a hallway of energy in the woods that controls their minds. Fun

13. MIMIC - Genetically engineered roaches evolve into giant humanoid cockroach beasts that live under NYC

14. DOGHOUSE- Unhappy dudes take a boy's trip to a village full of comical female zombies, and get their mojo back

15. THE WOMAN IN BLACK- Harry Potter must survive child-killing ghosts long enough to do some dead people's taxes

16. BRAIN DAMAGE - Sweet talkin brainworm makes you kill, but gives you constant acid trips

17. THE UNBORN - A slapped together evil pregnancy movie with odd cameos and a hideous baby

18. PONTYPOOL- Making sense is the real enemy. And zombies.

19. PIG HUNT- Hicks, hippies, wild boar and gore

20. PRISON- Viggo in Renny Harlin's 1st US movie about a haunted jail. Lots of ethereal blue light, and lightning

21. EMANUELLE AND THE LAST CANNIBALS-The gorgeous Laura Gemser couldn't save this soft-core-snore-gore. Gross junk

22. VIRGIN WITCH - 60's British beauties in miniskirts fall victim to a classy coven, and fail to remain clothed.

23. V/H/S- Horror is scarier when you can barely see what's going on. More horror anthologies, please. 

24. PARANORMAL ADOPTION- Ultra-boring movie about adopting a kid and her evil ventriloquist dummy. Regret.

25. OUTCAST - Gritty witchcraft, greasy Scottish slums, a frightening mother, and James Nesbitt. Sweet movie. 

26. THE STEPFATHER (1986) - Some of these 80's Blu-rays are too sharp, they look all grainy. Movie was alright.



1. THE WARD: John Carpenter makes Mean Girls meets Shutter Island when cute girls easily navigate a psych ward.

2. THE VINEYARD: Lo Pan writes/directs himself as same character who lures actors to the house from Burnt Offerings.

3. WAKE WOOD: Worst parents ever. Pet Sematary meets Wicker Man when a couple works out issues in Ireland. Good scenes.

4. SHEITAN: A doll-making, bucktoothd French hick hosts Eurotrash clubbers for Christmas dinner. Eyeballs get plucked. 

5. THE NEW DAUGHTER - Overlong, str8-2-vid flick with Kevin Costner about mud gods that want to marry his daughter.