originally posted May 8, 2013

After months of waiting, the first review of QUARANTINE: THE SAINTS is in! And it's a good one. Scratch that -- a great one. Booklist gave us a starred review! Reading it the first time was absolutely surreal, the second time was a joy, and the third through fiftieth... well, let's just say, it's become a reliable way to get pumped as we continue writing Book 3. Here's the Booklist link for the full review with plot details, but here are some spoiler-free highlights:


The craziest thing about 2012’s rash of teens-in-quarantine books was that all of them were good. But as enjoyable as were Emmy Laybourne’s Monument 14 and Dayna Lorentz’s No Safety in Numbers, it was Thomas’ Quarantine: The Loners that blew the doors off the joint with a dirty bomb of sex and violence. . . . With its morally dubious characters, charged sexual content, and double-take violence, this might be the darkest series going. . . . Here’s our demand: deliver the conclusion yesterday. 

-- Daniel Kraus