originally posted July 9, 2013

QUARANTINE: THE SAINTS is finally available for purchase everywhere today!

We know some of you out there have been anxiously waiting for a whole year to find out what happens next (we've seen your tweets, we've read your reviews, and... you rule). You might even be so excited that you're going to sit down as soon as you get the book and read it cover to cover.

If you've got the time, if you think you can handle it.... then, DO IT! We highly recommend the single sesh. This book is a chainsaw. And to make the experience that much more intense, we've put together a reading soundtrack to accompany your re-entry into McKinley High.

So, get your mitts on THE SAINTS now, open to chapter one, press play, and send us updates to @LexThomasAuthor.


If you can't get enough, check out the playlist we made for THE LONERS here!