originally posted July 19, 2012

So, the book's been out for a little over a week. Every day brings its own little tid bit of excitement. Most of that has been coming in the form of reader reviews and reactions. The book is out there now. Our characters are living in other people's imaginations, and they're getting great reactions.

It's such a huge reward for us to hear that readers are digging details, characters and story twists that we took such special care to craft. It's why we wrote this story in the first place -- to thrill you. So, please keep your experiences of McKinley High coming on GoodReadsAmazonTwitterFacebook . . . anywhere you can put 'em! We're reading them!

The other excitement this week has come just by spreading the word about the book on other sites. It's always easy to feel a little nervous about putting your face out in the world and talking about yourself. But thankfully, we've been in great hands across the board. Here's a recap of the places we've been featured:

Novel Thoughts interviewed us.

Figment let us contribute a Daily Theme and our Ten Most Influential Horror Movies.


Teen Librarian's Toolbox let us guest blog a Top 10.