originally posted December 28, 2012


If you reached the end of The Loners and thought... you bastards!!! I gotta wait until Summer of 2013 until I find out what happens next? We've got news for you.

Book 2 is finished, at long last. We handed in the final draft just before the holidays. Now, there's only six months to go until you get to revisit McKinley High. Put it in your calendars -- July 9th -- QUARANTINED.

Whoo! It's hard to believe.

If you were in pain because you had to wait so long to read Book 2, we felt it ten-fold because we had to go on and write it. Book 1, The Loners, was a big accomplishment for us -- our first novel. The proposition of creating a worthy follow-up was not one we took lightly. There were things we knew would happen in Book 2, but a lot more things we didn't know. And so, the process of writing our first-ever sequel made 2012 a doozy of a year. We had frequent spells of angst, misery and hopelessness (maybe someday we'll disclose the details), but we finally reached the finish line, and what we've got... is a doozy of a book.

If you were a fan of the gangs and the madness and the twists and turns of The Loners, we've got even more coming your way in Book 2. Check in with us here in the coming months for a title reveal and a sneak peak at the cover, and maybe even a chance to win an ARC copy of the book.

Until then, stay safe.