So many Quarantine videos...

A couple months ago, the amazing STEM Outreach team at Northern Illinois University invited us to DeKalb, IL to participate in QUARANTINE: THE FIELD TRIP. We were honored that our books were chosen to be the inspiration for a day full of live-action gaming with 200 students from the Chicago area, but we had no idea of just how awesome it would end up being. Check out what happened:

To watch more videos from that day, check out the PRESS section of our site. STEM continued the awesomeness that night by screening a horror movie at the local Egyptian Theater that we chose. If you're looking for some scares, check out our movie recommendations from that night:

For more of our horror recs, check out this list, or who or we kidding, just read the rest of our blog for years worth of #31HorrorFilms31Days hits and misses.

To round out our video blow-out, here's one of the best fan trailers we've seen for Quarantine so far (keep making 'em, we love 'em!):