Netflix Menu - Foodie Horror

You love food. You love horror. You want to watch three movies and a repulsive reality show pilot. I've got a foodie horror Netflix menu for you. 


First up is Omnivores. The original Spanish title is Omnivoros, which sounds much cooler. It's the story of a respected food critic who investigates rumors of a clandestine restaurant that serves human flesh. It's really well done, and it was cool that it was Spanish, and the horror scenes themselves are stark and brutal. I don't want to spoil anything but it's a realistic tension builder from last year about foodies and cannibalism and there's a disturbing villain and an extra disturbing right hand man. Very disturbing. Watch on an empty stomach. 


If you were down for Omnivores, you should go ahead and pair it with the flavor of Dumplings. This Chinese horror movie is totally gross and quietly horrific. A retired movie starlet hates that she is losing her looks and she finds a woman who cooks magical dumplings that have the power to make you look young again. Once you discover the secret ingredient you'll want to puke. Like Omnivores there's a lot of focus on cooking and eating and chewing, and on gross mouth noises, but despite how disturbing it is the tone of Dumplings is much calmer and quieter most of the time than than the turn of the screw tension of Omnivores.

Side note- If the part you like about Dumplings is an aging actress resorting to magic to fix her problems, and you're not against melodramatic Bollywood horror movies with song and dance numbers, than you could watch Raaz 3. If you want more Bollywood after that, try the romantic thriller Raavan. One character talks a lot about having knives rattling around inside his skull, which made me like him. 

Third is a childhood favorite of mine that is not up to the quality of the first two. The acting isn't great, the budget is small, and the practical special effects look cartoonish by modern standards, but when you're putting together a foodie horror playlist it's hard not to include a movie about a white goo called The Stuff that is marketed as a replacement for all food, and that secretly controls the mind of whoever eats it. All food being replaced by a processed white goo = a foodie's worst nightmare. The movie is a lot of fun, more of a light dessert of ridiculousness after the heartier meal of the first two.The TV commercials for The Stuff that they made for the movie are great too. 

And finally, if you've ever wanted to watch real footage of a dead lion being skinned, gutted, and having all the meat flensed from its bones, you should check out Skeleton, Inc.. I think it was a pilot that didn't get picked up because there's only one episode, and I can see why. This stuff is hard to look at. The weird thing about it was once they pull the skin off the lion it looked so much like a monster from a horror movies that had a new respect for makeup artists. It looked like something I might have thought was cheesy if I'd seen it in a movie, but clearly I would have been wrong. The show is about a family business that provides skeletons for medical schools and museums, and it's their job to get all the flesh off of those bones, use flesh eating beetles to clean them, and assemble them back together. They're doing this disgusting work for a good purpose and it's actually pretty interesting to watch how they do it, but the first segment when they take the lion apart is gruesome and real, and bracing to watch, especially for meat eaters. 

Also, this has nothing to do with foodie horror but watch from 51:53 to 52:50 of Money Talks (1972). Yikes!